Why me?

Choose me if you need a precise IT expert, capable of taking wise decisions, clearly communicating technical messages to non-technical audience and following corporate processes.
I am able to dive into the problem and use my rich experience to analyze most complicated technical issues on LAMP side of the web and across technologies.

Previously I have spent over a decade of issue solving, amending projects and CMSes of variable complexity, meeting high demands of quality.
My interaction with international clients helped training teams to use and modify requested web-projects.
Leveraging non-standard solutions for specific projects of every unique client is my passion.

My style is thorough working out details to gain brilliant results in short run.
All projects I manage or create are secure and bulletproof, due to my experience in information security field and ability to think like bad guys do.
I used to hold workshops to consult for improved solutions at headquarters of large European web development studios.

Today I work for Nestle's most advanced IT department, in charge of over 1000 brand web sites, at my second assignment, this time in Frankfurt Am Main.

If you are looking for a passionate, quick learning, perspective employee who takes quality challenges seriously and provides promised results, even for own time overhead price on business requirement, you are at the right place.

These are projects I have created or made my large input into creation in the long run: