The future office and employee engagement

Today corporate infrastructures use Windows-based PCs and foundation services to deliver workspaces to their employees. On the other hand, creative agencies utilise Apple hardware or same Windows equipment to set up their working process. There is one more option, where Ubuntu takes its share and proposes one more kind of workstations you could imagine.

A difficulty of this setup is an old-school way of a set up, administering and delivering of results by respective employees through their inefficient workplaces. This is largely caused by an attempt to digitise a normal paper workflow of an older days and later resolve issues, raised by the digitalisation.

A modern way of working should be reliant on a completely different methodology, which takes any task as a data processing or collection mechanism, allowing to automate it and therefore release an enormous amount of workforce.

To implement this idea, we need a database office paradigm, where all the data and its relations are stored in distributed databases, instead of word or excel documents. By enabling simple API access to the data in question, multiple tasks of every person can be automated.

With the use of our Linux-based Employee workstations we let people continue the communication with our system in one single environment, which resolves each and every workday task with maximum efficiency.

The crowdsourcing paradigm in this case helps every employee work on automating his own job, therefore gaining back their leisure time and providing us a centralised ability to automate similar work of other people in the organisation.

Steps of implementation

To implement the idea, a POC workstation is required. The proposed workstation is based on Linux, a black box, where an end user does not work with the OS directly...